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Hearing Dogs

The Project ~~~~~~~~~~

The Yankalilla Club supports the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs.

This year we have donated  $1000.00 to this worthy cause.


The Australian Lions Hearing Dogs' Diabetic Alert Dog program is proving to be very successful, even at this early stage and they are now looking for type 1 diabetics to apply for a dog.

After the successful placement of our first Diabetic Alert Dog in late 2022, we are excited to now be entering phase 2 of the development of our Medical Alert Dog program.

We are looking for type 1 diabetics that fit the following criteria:

Over 18 years of age

Received a type 1 diabetes diagnosis 12+ months ago

Non-smoker (and no other smokers in the home)

No other dogs living in the home

Living in South Australia

Utilising current technology such as CGM or insulin pump

If this is you, and you are interested in applying for a Diabetic Alert Dog, please contact Laura Harris directly at

Please note, Lions Diabetic Alert Dogs are provided to eligible and approved applicants free of charge; as a gift from our kind supporters and Lions Clubs

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