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We have a DIPROTODON verified bone in the Yankalilla Historical Museum that was found locally some years ago.

Its basically an oversized wombat   ( 1.2m high and 4 m long. It is the largest mammal in the world weiging some 2.5 tonnes and can be seen below in relation to man

Its extinction occurred some 46 000 years ago possibly due to hunting pressures related to the expansion of the Australian human population

Largely found in Queensland it is quite rare to have found remains so far south.

There is discussion that we as a district could consider a life size version as a guardian to the entrance of the museum.

this guardian could cost in the vicinity of 20 000 for the animal  / transport to us / concrete pad / installation and all its food for the rest of its life.


Watch the youtube video to see what it looks like


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